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Fresh honey direct from an urban beekeeper and her apiaries.

The Local Honeypot - 100% pure, raw Australian honey. Simple.

Inside every bottle of honey from The Local Honeypot is 100% pure, raw, Australian honey. Unadulterated and non-heat treated, our honey is either cold-pressed (for small batch runs) or spun so all the goodness of the hive arrives in every bottle. All our honeys are single origin batches meaning each batch comes from a single hive, located in a particular postcode. Every bottle we sell declares the postcode in which it was made, and the batch harvest date (for freshness).

All our apiaries are located in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) urban environments where they benefit from the flowering trees and beautiful gardens of the suburbs. Our European honey bees forage peacefully with their Australian native counterparts - it's a delight to see honey bees and Blue Banded bees drinking nectar from the same flowers.

Urban honey is surprisingly good. Not only is it variable in taste and colour but contains seasonal pollens, propolis and other enzymes that are of nutritional value and great for your gut bacteria. Eating a local honey is said to reduce your susceptibility to local pollens that can trigger hay fever symptoms.

When you buy this product you not only support a local beekeeper and her family but you contribute to the environmental sustainability of the postcode from which it was made. Health factors are high, food miles are low, and you're buying local!

The Local Honeypot currently has apiaries in 4171 (Balmoral, Hawthorne, Bulimba), 4154 (Gumdale), 4155 (Chandler), Tingalpa (4173) and 4160 (Wellington Point).

Try some today! You'll never buy supermarket honey again.

Fresh Honey from The Local Honeypot

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