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The Thriving Hive

Wax Melter

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Digital Temperature Controlled Electric Double Boiler

This Australian made electric double boilers is the perfect piece of equipment for any semi-commercial or hobbyist beekeeper who is looking to process beeswax.

The double boiler method is the fastest way to ensuring a quality product. The wax melter features an excellent temperature control, fast reaction and intelligent operation. The water jacket is managed by cycling the heating element automatically to maintain temperature, set the desired water jacket temperature up to 100℃ and the controller will manage the temperature effortlessly.

We LOVE this product for its ability to make the job of processing beeswax so easy! Here are three things we use it for:

  • Processing cappings with or without water - honey water/honey drains out the bottom, wax siphons off mid-tank.
  • Secondary wax cleaning - if your primary reduction of old comb etc is done in a steam bath, then the resulting wax can be cycled through tank - junk to bottom, skim top, and beautiful clean wax through the mid-tank.
  • Melting wax for use - melting down wax blocks for candlemaking.

Temperature controls means the wax is never over heated (we recommend no greater than 80 degrees heat setting) and therefore does not discolour.

An electric double boiler is designed and made in Australia from local and imported parts and is the single best investment any small business can make if it's processing beeswax.

SPECIAL OFFER  When you buy from The Thriving Hive, you will receive a free thermal jacket (Valued at $49.95) with your double boiler.