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The Thriving Hive

Ventilated Beekeeper Suit

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A Nuplas ventilated full-body beekeeper suit is an essential piece of safety gear for the beekeeper. The beekeeping suit comes in three sizes and provides triple-layered protection from the bees. The tripe layers are approximately 7mm deep which prohibits the bees 4mm stinger from making full contact with your skin. When the beekeeping suit is stretched tight across the body or pressure against bees is applied, a sting may occur.

Our beekeeping suit has features such as:

  • Elasticised ankle and wrists to stop intruders;
  • Reinforced hood that stands proud to give wearer greater visibility;
  • Hood zip section has safety guard to stop bees breaching zip area;
  • To way zip at front to enable access to pockets without removing hood;
  • Two pockets on the chest area for notebook, pen and queen clip(s);
  • Two hip pockets deep enough to carry a hive tool reliably; and
  • padding on elbows and knees to reduce wear and tear.

Whilst wearing the beekeeper suit is not a guarantee you won't be stung, it does increase the chances of not being stung.

See our sizing chart to ensure a good fit. Recommended sizes for measurements have been made to ensure there is sufficient ease in the garment to work comfortably.

Fun Fact: Beekeeping suits are white because this makes them cooler to wear and also is a colour that does not make bees defensive (unlike black - think bear!).

The Thriving Hive offer a repair service for suits.

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