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The Thriving Hive

Native Australian bee hive box

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If you're keen to buy native bee hive, then one of these beautiful Australian Cypress wood native bee boxes might be for you and your bees.

Hand-crafted by a Master tradesperson on the outskirts of Brisbane, these native Australian bee hives provide a well-insulated cavity for Tetragonula hockingsi, Tetragonula carbonaria, or Austroplebeia australis native stingless bees.

The native Australian bee hives feature correct gauge entrance, ventilation hole, felt blackout cloth, perspex sheet cap for inspections, durable stainless steel clips, and 3 coats of varnish to keep the weather out. The Cypress is grown, felled and milled in Australia so contains no trace of harmful chemicals that would poison the colony.

Keeping native bees is a great way to support the environment. We can supply Native Australian stingless bee colonies subject to availability. Drop us a message from the contact us page to enquire.

Tin roofs to fit are sold separately.

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