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Apithor Small Hive Beetle (SHB) traps

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The APITHOR Hive Beetle Harbourage is a novel invention designed as a single use, disposable device that can be easily inserted and removed from standard hives without the need to open or dismantle hives. It is actively sought out by the target pest without the need to include attractants or baits.

The APITHOR bait is used to control small hive beetle (SHB) within the hive. The bait acts as a 'safe harbour' for hives being chased by bees who are instinctively working to keep the hive pest free. The small hive beetle will run to the darkest corners of the hive to escape the bees. Once insider the harbour/trap, they are attracted to the bait (Fipronil) and die within the trap.

One placement for the trap is shown in the images. Try to avoid placing them on top of the frames. For best result follow the manufacturers instructions for safe use within the hive.

This is the only product on the Australian market authorised to use within honey bee colonies to control small hive beetle (SHB).